Joe Louis Arena

Address: 600 Civic Center Dr
Phone: (313) 396-7000
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  • NHL

    Fanatic Fact: The Octopus toss started in 1952 when the Red Wings played at the Detroit Olympia by fan Pete Cusimano.

    Joe Louis Arena - also known as the "JLA" or "The Joe"-is the home of the Detroit Red Wings.The Red Wings have won three cups in the JLA and twice (in 1997 and 2002) they've clinched the championship.
  • Detroit Red Wings

    Join the Red Wings on Thursday for the fourth annual Breast Cancer Awareness Night!
  • Jeff C

    Watch a Red Wing game or a concert.
  • Sports Authority

    If you are over six feet tall, consider avoiding the low ceilings of the upper level seats!

    Go to a Detroit Red Wings game!
  • mike mcmillon

    home of the detroit red wings, check out the banners from all the championships, and the octopus hanging from the ceiling.
  • Detroit Red Wings

    Seven weeks from today!
  • Bobby Alcott

    For people in from Chicago, Pittsburgh, and Denver -- count the Stanley Cup banners, then add all yours together and remember who owns your ass. :-)
  • ESPN

    During the 1996 Western Conference Finals, two local Detroiters threw a 50-pound octopus onto the ice at this place. Thatís right, five-zero. It was one giant cephalopod.
  • Detroit Red Wings

    It's GAME DAY! Red Wings - Senators - 7:00 P.M. on FOX Sports Detroit and 97.1 FM.
  • Alicia Keys

    Thereís not a bad seat in the house so youíll all have a good view for my show on April 17th! Cant wait!!
  • Mojo In The Morning

    If you're gonna throw an octopus on the ice, boil it first. It looks a lot cooler & doesn't smell. Plus, everyone around you will thank you for not getting slimed!
  • National Post

    Can the Red Wings count on Johan Franzen this year? Check into Posted Sport's full NHL coverage at the link:
  • Dusty Zajkowski

    Watch Todd Bertuzzi dish out an "Eat my Shit" goal on the Blackhawks.
  • Dave Garman

  • Marine Corps

    Not only does he own the Detroit Red Wings (and Little Caesars Pizza), Michael Ilitch Sr. also served in the U.S. Marine Corps.
  • Kirsten Matson

    Great hockey is played here.
  • wylie burt

    Go wings!!!!!!
  • Katie

    Visit the concession stands where people are wearing red smocks, they are non-profits who get a portion of the sales for that game.
  • Brent Lofthouse-Aldi

    Seats are so tiny, especially if you have the honor of sitting next to someone who weighs more that 100 pounds. LOL
  • Allison Repp

    My favorite place to watch hockey... That I've been to so far anyway!! Go Wings!! (Also, the new upstairs bathrooms are the Joe's best kept secret! There is almost never a wait!)
  • Shannon Lukey

    Red Wings are running out of room for all these banners :)
  • Dwayne Kilbourne

    Home of Hockey Town... need I really say anymore??
  • Eric Ranta

  • Katie Wiederman

    Favorite place in the world.
  • John $\(^o^)/$

    The Joe is going away, like the Olympia Arena! I Hate Greedy People n Stupid Politicians!
  • brooke hoskins

    When they play Don't Stop Believin', you must shout out real loud, "South Detroit." It's a rule and will give you street cred.
  • Jake Smith

    Use the free program's beer map to find the spots where your favorite beer is sold in the stadium. After the game, buy a Stanley Cup Championship banner and use it as a curtain in your home.
  • Jennifer Parrish

    History has been made here. 21 straight consecutive home wins!