Greektown Casino-Hotel

Address: 555 E Lafayette Blvd
Phone: (888) 771-4386
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Category: Casino
Check Ins: 37088


  • Andy Didorosi

    The parking is great - park here and take the People Mover anywhere downtown!
  • Nick Georgeoff

    In my opinion, the best of the three casinos in Detroit because of the location. MGM and Motor City are great but now within walking distance of downtown bars and restaurants.
  • VisitDetroit

    Opened in 2007, the 30-floor casino boasts more the 100,000 square feet of gaming space.
  • Ryan Patrick

    Free parking.
  • MiRkô

    Get ur healthy dose of second hand smoke here...
  • Ben Miotke

    I've pissed in here.
  • Siren Marie Flowers

    I prefer to go at night where it's really pretty and is a little more enjoyable
  • Cindy S

    Go to the patio bar for strong $2 Margarita and cheap beer
  • Tasha Stinnette

    The hotel is beautiful.
  • Lauren Tolbert

    The parking's good, but recently, they've been limiting access to parking to either the eighth or ninth level and below. They charge for some Downtown events and for Tigers, Lions and Wings games, too
  • Bruce Wilson

    threw some dice at the craps table
  • Lloryn Love

    Greektown Casino-Hotel has it all...gaming, entertainment, food, and the great district of Greektown to tout!
  • Matias Cavallin

    Like Vegas, but with more hood people
  • Paul Maurice

    I am a dealer at the casino. Drop by and play some cards and enjoy the environment.
  • Jeremy Duncan

    Don't try to breathe here. Unless you love huffing clouds of second-hand smoke, stay home.
  • Paul Maurice

    Try the Bistro 555. I heard that the food is great there. Then, come to the casino and try to beat me in Perfect Pair, Pai gow or Ultimate Texas Holdem. I have had the pre Media tour of the hotel a
  • Tracie Hilder

    It was fun and exciting!
  • Don Zarnick

    The Mac n Cheese @ the full house grill is definitely worth trying, especially it's only $3 for a huge side order :)
  • Jayi Kemp

    Buffet way better then MGM and they pies geesh soul food heaven
  • Becky Johnson

    Free parking
  • David Kipfmiller

    always bet on black
  • Andy Didorosi

    Great parking and access to the people mover. I've never gambled a dime here - but I've been over 100 times.
  • Scott Shinn

    Try the 9.99 international buffet! Good food and it is cheap!
  • Bruce Wilson

    Go there, find a cheap craps table and cover the field.
  • Jennifer Brzozowski

    Get a massage from one of the massage girls that float around the table games and high limit area!
  • Katy Campbell

    The Bathrooms make you feel like royalty!
  • Kellie R.

    Play on your player's card within 90 days or they will make you pay!
  • Matt Petrowski

    Do you really need to card everyone at enters the casino?
  • Nicole Frank

    My little escape!
  • Barb Tate-Renaud

    Too smokey sometimes.